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Jingwei Wang
Release time: 2016-10-09 09:23:07 Source: WEEE center

Title: Professor, Dean

Add:No.2360# Jinhai Rd, Pudong, Shanghai

Shanghai Cooperative Centre for WEEE Recycling, Shanghai Polytechnic University

E-mail: jwwang@sspu.edu.cn

Professional Experience:


Shanghai Polytechnic University(SSPU),Shanghai Cooperative Centre for WEEE Recycling

2010 (July)- 2013(June)

SSPU, Graduate faculty, Research department

2002 (April) – 2010(June)

SSPU, School of Environmental and Materials Engineering


Sichuan Rare Earth Research Institute


University of technology, Sweden


Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute, Baotou iron and Steel Group Company Mine Research Institute

Research area 

WEEErecycling technology

Selected recent publications

(1)   Wang JW#,Bai JF#,Xu JQ, Liang B.Bioleaching of metals from printed wire boards by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansand Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and their mixtureJournal of Hazardous Materials2009.08

(2)   Gu WH, Bai JF, Dai J, Zhang CL, Yuan WY,Wang JW, Wang PC, Zhao X. Characterization of Extreme Acidophile Bacteria(Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) Bioleaching Copper from Flexible PCB by ICP-AES. Journal of Spectroscopy. 2014, 1-8.

(3)   Guan J, Xu M, Wu WJ, Zhang CL,Wang JW.Suppressing effect of calcium-based waste on control of bromine flux during the pyrolysis of printed circuit boards.Waste Management & Research. 2012 30(11):1145 -1150.

 (4)  Bai JF, Zhang CL,Wang JW, Xu JQ, Zhou Y, Wu WJ. Environmental risk and recoverable potential evaluation of heavy metals in the sludge from the iIndustrial wastewater in China. Advanced Materials Research. 2012, 508: 196-199 .