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Lincai Wang
Release time: 2016-09-20 00:18:07 Source: WEEE center

Title:Senior Engineer

Add:Jinhai Road No. 2360, Pudong New Area Shanghai


Education background

1998.9-2002.6  Liaocheng University  Chemical engineering  Bachelor of Engineering

2002.9-2007.9   Zhejiang University     Chemical engineering and technology PhD of engineering

Research area

 Electronic waste resources,  precious metals recycling and utilizationOrgnometallic catalyst and catalysis

Selected recent publications

YJ Xu, LC Wang, P Cao, et al. Mesoporous composite nickel cobalt oxide/graphene oxide synthesized via a template-assistant co-precipitation route aselectrode material for supercapacitors. Journal of Power Sources 306 (2016) 742-752

PQ Cao, LC Wang, YJ XU, et al.Facile hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous nickel oxide/reduced graphene oxide composites for high performance electrochemical supercapacitor, Electrochimica Acta 157 (2015) 359–368