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A Production Line for Recycling Waste Toner Cartridge
Release time: 2016-09-27 13:52:27 Source: WEEE center

IntroductionA production line for recycling waste toner cartridges, mainly combines technologies such as selective mechanical crushing, magnetic separation, high pressure air-cleaning, eddy current separation and oscillating screening, which is specially used in processing the toner cartridge that is a key component of printers or copiers when these apparatus are scraped, so as to recycle the valuable materials containing plastic, aluminum, iron and magnet.The process system has apparent advantages, for instance, low energy consumption, low noise, cleaned product, no secondary pollution and effectively solve the security collection problem that caused by waste toxic substance (remaining toner) in the toner cartridge, simultaneously.

InnovationApplication of selective crush technology, R&D independently crushing equipment (Patent NO.: ZL201320559429.5), well explosion-proof performance, low energy consumption. Combine independently R&D of high pressure anti-spiral roller cleaner with pulse dust removal technology, so as to collect toxic substances (waste toner) sound safely. The whole system has apparent advantages: low energy consumption, high automation level, while the project investment is lower as well as operation cost than similar products.