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Recycling metals from waste printed circuit boards through microbial method
Release time: 2016-09-27 13:49:27 Source: WEEE center

IntroductionMicrobial leaching, extraction - electrolysis metal recovery technology was used in this project, the recycling of metals from waste printed circuit boards were fully realized, the traditional method of high energy consumption and secondary pollution was avoided. The leaching rate of metal from electronic waste95% and the metal purity>99%.The project was awarded third prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology, and was named a promotion of technology catalog in China Environmental Protection Industry Association.

Innovation(1)This method can avoid high energy consumption and the release of toxic gaseous substance;(2)the solution is recycled in the entire process, acid is avoided to use, the production process is moderate and harmless to environment and human body.

Application Prospect:Suitable for all kinds of PCB metal recycling,experiments have been carried out in pilot trial, it has a complete set of technology and equipment and it is the promotion of industrialization.