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The technology and equipment of recycling gantry from the PCB industry by microbial method
Release time: 2016-09-27 13:46:44 Source: WEEE center

IntroductionThe gantry is used to fix the circuit boards in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards and its surface is platted with copper. The traditional recycling method will produce waste water and acid fog which is difficult to be disposed. The project used microbial method leaching copper from the surface of gantry through the device of circular chain. The bioleaching liquid can be recycled and the device runs efficiently.It has a very important practical and environmental significance.

InnovationThere is no waste water and acid fog, the condition of reaction is mild, the leaching liquid can be recycled and the leaching rate of copper is high, it's also   environmental-friendly, Because of the device, the gantry can be soaked in the liquid fully causing it is stable and efficient. In addition, the device has lower energy consumption and small footprint.

Application Prospect:The field of WEEE recyclingprinted circuit boards recycling, metals recycling.